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Although different in many ways, when it comes to trying to synthesise and understand the reasons that make us think and act the way we do, instead of focusing the differences we should be looking to the aspects that are common and connective among us. Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Carol found herself confronted with two opposing universal governing mindsets among her research subjects: the fixed mindset as opposing to the growth mindset displayed by different individuals.

This division happened in regards to how subjects understood their current abilities and capabilities. On one side of the mindsets spectrum, we have the fixed mindset , where individuals believe that their capabilities are pre-defined, biologically conditioned, quantified and limited for life. These individuals display a more defensive behaviour and avoid situations that might expose their lack of capacity for a particular activity, refraining or conditioning their capacity for future development. On the opposing end of the spectrum we find individuals governed by the mindset of continuous development, these individuals embrace challenges and persist in the face of obstacles, they are governed by a growth mindset.

A growth mindset individual believes that by continuously invest time and effort they can achieve or improve their original capabilities, everything becomes possible and nothing is out of reach for each potential is unknown and unmeasurable at the start. Dweck, Mindset Chapter 2. This concept stroked me and made me understand better how I react towards some situations, how vital my reaction to them is, but also how important the feedback that I give or receive have an underlying cause and effect on my beliefs and future actions.

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The importance of adopting a growth mindset while at the same time we suppress the harmful effects of a fixed mindset seem then particular critical. A growth mindset allows us to focus on the outcome, rather than the process through which we will necessarily need to undergo. Therefore the idea of adopting habit formation behaviours is critical if we sincerely wish to change. The way we think and act about ourselves is prune to have an impact, so understanding our capabilities, yes, but not let them govern our future outcomes, but help us know in which point of our development path we are.

All great athletes or artists seem to have mastered a sort of a process that allows them to circumvent the different variables of each moment and, still, deliver the same level of performance. We are what we believe in, but often only if we apply enough energy, we can convert vision into reality and achieve our goals. It is on this sweet spot that rests the difference between abilities and achievements start.

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At the root of the growth mindset lies the fact that any person, if applied enough time, energy and focus will be able to acquire a particular capability, some will be able to do it faster, others not so much, but we all can learn. As we give and receive feedback, the message we convene will play a unique role in how we build and maintain the belief and image of our inner self.

When praising others, we might either undermine or stimulate and augment their performance for every word and action sends a message. As an example, when we wish to praise someone for some exceptional achievement, we are faced with two possible routes of appraisal, none of them wrong, but with different outcomes! I've learned many things from Sherry that have made me a better person -- such as prioritizing where business fits in with family and the rest of my life, getting enough sleep and dealing with some of the tough stuff that happens to small business owners.

The book offers a combination of practical strategies and strategic analysis on how founders can cope with this balance - and come out on top. Thank you Sherry for giving me a long list of great advice and reminders on how I can stay healthy, happy, and run my business better. You run a business. And running a business is hard.

Come out of the shadows and shine your light…YOU can impact the world.

The burden of responsibility, the weight of stress and the loneliness of running your business are a far cry from your friends who work salaried jobs. The stress and loneliness are real.

Sometimes too real. The path of least resistance is to let the stress and isolation of starting, running and growing a business infiltrate most aspects of your life. That can work for a while… but your spouse is not your therapist and may not be your business partner. And placing them in these roles inevitably leads to misunderstandings, fatigue and arguments. This book is a focused, practical, researched guide written by people with the training, experience and expertise to speak directly to entrepreneurs Sherry is a clinical psychologist and an entrepreneur.

Most people call her Dr. Walling or just Doc.

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Rob is a serial entrepreneur who has launched, grown and sold multiple startups over the past 17 years. You might call yourself a founder, a CEO, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a maker or something else completely. The common thread that weaves through each of these roles are the responsibilities that you carry, the challenges you face, the mental struggles you must overcome, and the stress and isolation created by your business.

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Whether you run a startup, a software company, a restaurant, a medical practice, a law firm, a consulting business, or make your living as a freelance writer, designer or coder… this book is your guide to keeping your life and business together as you navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of entrepreneurship. You want to learn proven strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges that cause you heartburn and headaches. You want to prevent burnout, avoid the emergence of damaging coping strategies and navigate around self-sabotage. Every aspect of this book combines psychological expertise with decades of entrepreneurial experience.

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